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Our story begins in the late s, as a young David H. Haeger made the long journey from Germany to America, filled with hope for a new life in this new world. David settled near the great city of Chicago, right at the moment when its greatness seemed uncertain. The year was — the year of the Chicago Fire. The destruction took not only a mental and emotional toll on its residents, but wiped out over 17, structures. In the aftermath, just North of the city, David quietly founded the Dundee Brickyard. By Haeger pottery had carved a place for itself in the glazed artware market, debuting its first collection appropriately named Adam and Eve. The sleek Greek-inspired design set the bar for high quality and crisp aesthetics. Yes, the designs were original. Yes, the craftsmanship was impeccable.


An early Haeger vase known as the “Eve” design. Both Adam and an Eve vases were produced early in the 20th century as part of Haeger’s first art pottery line. I’ll leave it to your imagination re: the shape of the “Adam” vase. This arts and crafts shape is one of my favorites.

Partial tea service, most pieces dated , platter Royal Staffordshire Great Britain Regd. No. Royal Haeger pottery vase, stamped at underside, 12″.

Another Haeger classic, a vase featuring a dancing girl, was popular in the s and is today sought by collectors. Haeger, like many American potteries, often revisited s Art Deco style for vases produced in the s. In the s and early s, it was not unusual for potteries such as Haeger to produce multifunctional pieces designed to be used as a vase or a pitcher or a planter. Under the Royal Haeger label, the company produced innumerable small animal figures, including hound puppies, sometimes with mother, sometimes in larger sizes, sometimes attached to planters.

Haeger is known for its Royal Haeger fern vase, produced from into the s, with dozens of variations in size, color and fern frond design. Haegar was the giant in the American decorative pottery business for most of the 20th century.

Vintage Royal Haeger Panther and Lion collection

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Dating. Specific dating of many Royal Doulton pieces is difficult because, other than changing wording, there was no systematic coding for date marks. Royal.

After more than years in business, Haeger Potteries will cease its manufacturing operations in East Dundee, Illinois. We anticipate ending our operations on or about the end of May According to Alexandra Haeger Estes, President of Haeger Potteries, “in this, our th Anniversary year, this is the most difficult decision we have faced.

The ongoing recession has reduced our customer base and foreign competition has decimated our artware and decorative accessory business. Gift shops and independent furniture stores are almost non-existent, and the larger stores that have survived are purchasing goods from abroad. The reality is that we are finding it more and more difficult to compete in a market with significant wage pressure, increased regulation and generally rising costs.

We want to thank our wonderful and dedicated employees, our customers and suppliers for supporting our business over these many years.

How Are Haeger Pottery Marks Identified?

For so long a tasteful house was not a home without a well-wrought vase. Sustaining this domestic arrangement were scores of potteries scattered from the Northeast across the Mid-Atlantic through the Midwestwith Ohio as the epicenter-to Colorado and Califonia. Their names are legendary now and, although most of the firms are defunct, their products maintain an almost cult status among collectors: Grueby in Boston, Fulper in rural New Jersey, Rookwood in Cincinnati, Cowan in Cleveland, Weller and Roseville in southeastern Ohio.

They offer the reader a discriminating look at the vast output of the Kane County enterprise, a rare survivor from the golden age of American art pottery from to that still produces distinctive wares for contemporary homes. This seems to close people’s minds to all that Haeger has to offer.

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Like many ceramic works, pieces from Haeger Potteries can be identified through distinctive marks and characteristics, including the name of the manufacturer. A model number might also be visible on the piece. Turn the piece over On the bottom of the object, look for the name of the manufacturer. Haeger began to produce pottery commercially in , and the company marked pieces with the name “Haeger” over an “H.

Identify pottery without the manufacturer’s name Haeger first started producing pottery in under the name Dundee Brickyard. Early pieces and those without markings can be identified by a seam that runs along the middle of the underside. Research works online and in books Over the years, Haeger has gained a reputation for creating distinctive glazes and shapes. Look through books and auction catalogs featuring the company to help with the identification process. Because commercially produced pottery is not unique, you may easily find an identical or similar piece.

Visit the factory and museum Haeger Potteries continues to produce pottery, and they welcome visits to the factory and museum. Compare the object to ones within the museum, which contains many examples from the entire history of the company.

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Haeger Potteries began its manufacturing history outside of Chicago in and marks years of production in In , when the designer Royal Hickman joined the company, a line of art pottery was developed that was known as Royal Haeger. These early pieces of pottery are highly coveted by collectors. Learn to identify the various Royal Haeger pottery pieces by doing some research and reaching out to other collectors.

Examine the bottom.

were produced under the line called “Royal Haeger. on pottery shards found in excavation sites in America dating from the s to

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Haeger 75th Anniversary Vases

Haeger Potteries was a pottery manufacturer established in and based in Kane County, Illinois. The company started as a Dundee, Illinois brickyard along the Fox River in , using clay from the riverbank. David H.

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Panthers, leopards and such found immense popularity as decorative items in the ’50s, and were undoubtedly the number-one TV lamp subject. The basic “stalking panther” is the most immediately recognizable TV lamp style, variations of which were produced by several companies. Big Cats Panthers, leopards and such found immense popularity as decorative items in the ’50s, and were undoubtedly the number-one TV lamp subject.

This style was extremely popular and seems to have been copied by numerous companies, making identification a real challenge. This one has a smooth look about it, lacking detail. This is generally not by design, but rather from using an extremely worn mold. Probably from the Morton Pottery Co. This one, with its base covered by leafy foliage, is from Texans Incorporated.

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You will love to bid for this amazing haeger pottery. Check out its features from my listing and th Vintage mid century modern Royal Haeger Pottery ivory gloss glaze shows great detail. Haeger pottery for sale In excellent like new condition. Vintage haeger pottery bud vase.

Elegant tulip vase by Royal Haeger dating to the s / s. It has a n Art Nouveau / Deco look to it. During my rese arch, I found a similar vase designed by.

I was given this vintage Royal Haeger vase by my Aunt, and have been trying to find a few details about it ever since. You might remember seeing a glimpse of in my Thanksgiving vignette here …. Apparently if you peel the felt back you will find the vessel number marked in the bottom of the piece. Haeger Potteries is a 4-generation company dating back to The history is quite interesting in that Dundee Brickyard was established on the heels of the great Chicago fire, and quickly began to mass produce the desperately needed bricks to help rebuild the city.

In this way Dundee Brickyard was not only instrumental in the rebirth of the city, but truly in its recovery and healing from the trauma the historic fire left behind. By Dundee Brickyard was making the transition from brickmakers to artisans… and ultimately to the Haeger Potteries that we know today. Click here to read the full history …. What do you know about Haeger pottery? Do you have anything you can add to the history of my piece?

Photographs by Sheila Zeller. You are amazing at finding so many details. I love how interesting your front entrance is now. Hi Auntie Sharon!

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